Dear Toddler: Get away from me, now come back and hug me!

Does this happen to anyone else?

You spend all day wishing your Toddler would get away from you. You wish they would play independently for a few minutes longer, watch one more episode of Peppa Pig, feed themselves for once.

Instead, they have a sixth sense around when you’ve been touched out and they hang off you even more than normal. The day drags on as you make suggestions for self-entertainment – all of which they vehemently reject in favour of tugging you repeatedly off the lounge, whining at the fridge door and generally doing things that you’re pretty sure would be illegal to ignore – ¬†and then finally it’s bedtime.

You sit down with a heavy sigh, demand hubby makes you a cuppa and start flicking through that evening’s trash TV when all of a sudden you begin to feel lonely.

“I wonder what Toddler’s doing?” I’ll often say to Husband, who proceeds to roll his eyes and replied with;

“You’re impossible. Firstly you can’t stop complaining about him, and now you want to wake him up?”

Actually, if I could manage it I’d probably cuddle him while he sleeps, curled in my arms like when he was a newborn babe. He’s two years old now and looks tiny in his big boy bed. I rocked him to sleep for his first year of life, until my back gave out. I remember wishing I had one of those self settling babies (but was too lazy to actually teach him in a gentle way) and now that he is a self settling baby, all I want to do is cuddle him to sleep again!

Of course, I eventually get over the dilemma of missing my child while he sleeps in the room next door… It’s usually when he’s waking me up in the middle of the night or early morning as he climbs into my bed and takes up entirely too much space and all I can think as he kicks his cold toes into my back is that I wish my child would sleep in his own damn bed!


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