Lazy Mum Recipe: Leftover Roast Chicken Scrambled Eggs

Okay I’m pretty lazy (hence the name of the blog) but I do enjoy attempting to cook proper food for the family – I just take a lot of shortcuts. Before I start on tonight’s dins recipe, I’ll let you know what makes cooking easier for me:

  • When I Google a recipe, I always go for the one with the least ingredients and next to no spices (ain’t nobody got time for that).
  • I always have my own herb garden. We’ve lived in rentals for the last 10 years, but I always ensure I’ve got basil, rosemary and usually some shallots or something growing in the ground or in a pot. It saves soooo much money not having to buy these things.
  • I’m not great at sticking to precise quantities.
  • The more effort I put in, the less likely Toddler is to eat it. Simple works best.

Alright, disclaimers out of the way, here’s my recipe for:

Leftover Roast Chicken Scrambled Eggs.

Ingredients list:

  • Last night’s left over roast chicken and any potatoes or veggies you might have had with it
  • A carrot
  • Some zuchini (I had half of one in the fridge so that’s what went in there)
  • Grated cheese (grate extra if Toddler is hanging around so you can feed it to him)
  • Fresh rosemary
  • 1-2 cloves of garlic
  • A splash of milk
  • Eggs (duh). I use 2 eggs per person eating.

Really, it’s scrambled eggs so you can add whatever’s in the fridge and it will taste good.

Yes, that’s Toddler’s helping hand in there



Chop/grate/dice all the things. I like to chop everything really small. I’m a bit like a toddler myself in that I like to hide the veggies and herbs. Taste, not see thanks very much.

Combine it all in a bowl with eggs, splash of milk (I don’t know why milk, it’s something my mum always did so I always put some in too) and some salt and pepper.

Pour the mixture into a hot pan, scraping the eggs into a scramble as you go. Obviously you could make an omelette instead, but I tend to burn things when I can’t see the bottom, so I like to scramble.

While that’s cooking, you can choose to get a bit fancy and make some gravy if you want. It’s leftover roast, after all.

Serve it up! (I reckon the eggs take about 10 minutes or less to cook, depending on how unaccommodating your hotplate is with regulating heat).


Bon Appetite

As I said earlier, I generally base a meal’s success off whether Toddler willingly eats it. This meal, he wouldn’t even pick up the fork. He did eat a crap load of the ingredients during prep, so I sort of consider that a meal eaten. At least he didn’t say “Blurgh” which is his new favourite word. Husband’s verdict: “Tastes good”.

You could try pairing this meal with wine (I wouldn’t know, I’m pregnant) and following up with brownies. After cooking dins from scratch, I use a lazy mum’s hack and make these out of a packet.

Brownies courtesy of a white wings box



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